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Record Stores - Animated by Annie Murray 

Record Stores was commissioned as an animated music video for the single of the same name on the album Happiness Is by ''indie Kween'' and Aussie darling, Leanne Tennant.

The talented and thrice nominated Queensland Music Awardee contacted Bigger Picture Animation with a few loose visuals and a drive to bring those visuals to life. Add an affecting song and you have the right recipe to script and animate a beautiful, heartfelt animated music video.


The completed video was created over one month and contains an impressive 20,000 frames, themes ranging from loss and grief to connection and hope alongside a tight narrative juxtaposed with abstract visuals.

Speaking on the project Leanne has said 'Huge thanks to Annie Murray (Anjo Flanjo Banjo) from Bigger Picture Animation who made this beautiful piece of art. Record Stores is about the power of music and how it has the ability to change someones mindset, and make friends with the black dog'

The music video and single will be premiered by Medium on Friday 17th July 2020. The full video will also be made available below.

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Click here for FULL VIDEO and

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