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Traditional African Masks Watercolor

Caulfield community college



This class taught me that I can have a voice and that people will listen to me if I show them my art.


I wanted to learn how to animate and Bigger Picture showed me how to . Maybe I'll be an animator when I finish school!


They taught me how to tell my stories through art and animation.  I feel like I have a new way to express myself in a healthy manner because of this.

What Would I do? (Animated Rap)

My Audio is a rap composed by a Student - playing with volume is recommended 


Now what would I do

if I could suddenly feel and to know once again what I feel is utterly real.  

I could cry,

I could smile,

I might lay back for a while.

Tell me what would I do if I could feel.

(wat would you do?)

What would I do if I could feel once again and ignore all the drugs that have sucked in my emotions

and clearly

what they say

I HAVE TO Open up

but I’m acting pretty reluctantly,

you know why

Caulfield Community College

Bigger Picture Animation was engaged to run a 10 week guerrilla workshop - students attending Caulfield Community College are at the pointy end of life and as such need a flexible and resilient approach to teaching.

Classes changes based on the number of students present which could rang from 1 to 6.

However challenging the engagement of the students may have been the results where multiple short animations with the messages of hope for a better future and a desire to create a kinder word.


A stand out piece was also an amazing 5 minute animated rap video - recorded by one student and set to lip synced models created by the remainder of the class.

A selection of the rap and animation are available for view on this page.

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