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Bigger Picture Animation PD session offering

Blood Moon - by BiggerPictureAnimation



60minute Animation Foundations pre-recorded online session + 60minute short Animated film screening PD session covering:


60minute Animation Foundations pre-recorded online session + 60minute animated short-film screening + Interactive Lesson Handbooks (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

**now available to rent OR buy**

- Available for 48hrs
- 60minute PD session (info below)
- 60minute screening

- Available for download in perpetuity
- 60minute PD session (info below)
- 60minute screening
- Interactive Lesson Handbooks (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)
- Ongoing online support to assist you in learning to animate/teaching animation 

60minute Animation Foundation PD session covers:

• Foundational animation techniques and specifications (What is animation? How do we create it? What are Frames?)
• Examples of these techniques and specifications
• Different styles of animation including stop motion, 2D, abstract/experimental and paint on glass
• Short, animated films exampling each of the above-mentioned techniques
• 12 Principals of animation explained in detail

To help participants try their hand at exploring creating their own animations and/OR teaching others how to do so, those who purchase the package will receive **Interactive Lesson Handbooks detailing how to create their own short animations, on the topics of:

• A Claymation clay-ball exercise (Beginner)
• Creating an animated self-portrait (Intermediate)
• Creating a short stop motion Lip Sync (Advanced)

These exercises are designed to get participants thinking like animators and building skills in a creative and engaging modality.

All participants will be able to access a link to a 60minute screening, which includes:

• Seven short animated films and

• Interviews with their auteur creators

• Supporting a range of film makers from diverse backgrounds

The Animation Foundations and Screening session is designed with convenience and value for money in mind and features include:

• Ability to be run at any date or time - when it suits you/your participants 

• Multiple participants are able to take part for ONE set price

​The package was created in partnership with the Australian Centre for The Moving Image, the Melbourne International Animation Festival and Regional Arts Victoria (sponsored by Screen Australia and Film Vic)

The Bigger Picture Animation PD session assumes participants have zero knowledge of creating animation as an art-form and will seek to educate and inspire – with the outcome of participants attempting to create their own artworks or, to teach the skills to others.

The session is designed to inhabit a liminal space between a curriculum aligned in-classroom learning resource AND a professional Personal Learning package for those wishing to learn AND/OR teach animation. 

An additional LIVE half hour Q&A online session can be added on for a fee of $100 and is a great way to supplement the personal development with any questions you may have about learning to create animation.

Contact and queries are welcomed at:


Course price - one secure, online payment

RENT: $100 AUD

BUY: $500 AUD

Half hour Q&A session: $100 AUD

Click BOOK NOW to secure your complete package and begin looking at the world in new and exciting ways!

New York Film Week awarded short animation "You Are At First Frightening" by BiggerPictureAnimation

Recommended for teachers, creatives, students 16+ and as an inclusion in holiday program offerings

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