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Class subjects include but are not limited to lessons CREATING stop motion/claymation through to industry standard VJ'ing technics, animation research 101 (watching animation - the student love this one!) Set building, concept to final output, animation basics (screening specs, rendering specs etc) script, treatments, storyline, pacing and if time - dialog recording.  


Although Bigger Pictures Animation programs are not limited to engaging solely with at risk youth - our primary message of harm minimisation through peer lead support is reflective in the fact that the majority of our classes have been performed with students facing issues such as homelessness, at risk of suicide, drug and alcohol issues, family and domestic violence and mental health issues.

The program was formed with the idea in mind to give ANY young person a voice to address issues affecting them and their peers through the platform of animation.  As such we are community oriented, LGBTQIA+ friendly and open to all participants.


Themes can be chosen by the school!

Themes that have been common to Bigger Picture Animation programs include: questions over future goals and aspirations, sexual orientation, drugs and alcohol and the big two: life and death.

The message of harm minimisation through peer lead support looks to address any themes suggested in a manner that encourages the students to work out real and effective ways of combating harm in their own peer groups.


We come to you!

One of the BEST things about Bigger Picture Animation programs is that we are curriculum friendly incursion-based!  No need to arrange permission slips, volunteer parents and transport to get your class to the program. We come to you and teach onsite, with our own materials and with whatever tech is available.  No tech available? No worries! We can work out a program designed to your individual class which will guarantee screenable content as a result. Made by the students and delivered by Bigger Picture Animation.

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