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Bigger Picture Animation Programs 

In a nutshell - we come to you and teach animation with the guarantee of producing screenable content made by your students through curriculum friendly class incursions.


Bigger Picture Animation Program believes in the message of harm minimisation through peer lead support and students are encouraged to create a voice for themselves through the art of animation.

The program can be run as part of after school engagement, camp sessions as well as curriculum based class incursions - no need to travel or arrange permission slip and volunteer parents! All our program leaders have valid WWCC's.

Bigger Picture Animation sessions have been successfully implemented in schools across Victoria and we have worked with students from varied backgrounds. LGBTQIA+ Friendly with focus on at risk youth.

Some of the challenges facing students we have engaged with previously include poverty, family and relationship violence, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues and educational gaps.  

Quotes for programs include teaching hours, travel costs, equipment and materials, tailored lessons depending on class size to cover a range of practical animation techniques and a goal to achieve the result of screenable content with themes chosen by the school.  Rendering, editing and filmic production for professional use of the footage produced by the participants and delivery of final piece by a set due date is also guaranteed.  


Class debriefs and updates are emailed to Teachers after each session.


Class subjects include but are not limited to: lessons on stop motion/claymation through to industry standard VJ'ing technics, animation research 101 (watching animation - the students love this one!) Set building, concept to final output, animation basics (screening specs, rendering specs etc) script, storyline, pacing and if time - dialog recording.  


Once we have information about the class size we can be specific in quoting and lesson planning for you.


We've had a long and positive relationship with odyssey House and Head Space Melton and have thoroughly enjoyed working on every program that has gone hand in hand with them.  Likewise, we are community partners with The Melbourne International Animation Festival which screens over 400 animated films during its week long mid year festival and has been established for 20 years. 

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